Thursday, March 31, 2011

Issue 1 - March 2011

Arrows and Boxes and Columns and Bullet Points - By Zak Smith
   About the need for better graphic design in RPG products

 • Games
   Dominion Online for Free suggested by -C
 • Game Products
   Lesserton and Mor reviewed by James Maliszewski

Short Story
   Cave of the Shenandoah by Zachary Houghton
   Its from last year, not this month but who cares, enjoy.

Game Content
 • Adventures
    Escape form the Lost Laboratories by Wordman
    Eastern Boondocks - A Campaign Map by Greg Gorgonmilk
 • Monsters
    Flying Eye by Dr. Rotwang!
    The House Knoblin by Greg Gorgonmilk
 • Spells
   (still looking for something from March 2011)
 • Magic Items
   (still looking for something from March 2011)
 • Rules
   Doctor Mechanic by Zak Sabbath
   OSR Rosetta Stone by -C

The Clandestinaughts  by Tim Seivert
Loaded Dice written by Olan Suddeth, Art by Annick Huber

5 Tips for Horror in D&D by Stuart

So this is the first issue contents. Its not exactly what I had hoped but its proof of concept. Next month should be a little more refined. Please let me know if you have any leads on content for the various sections. Thanks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Message from the editor

How did I get into this and what am I going to do now that I'm here?

Yesterday I was reading a post on Cyclopeatron regarding OSR blogs and how they are pumping out a Dragon Magazine's worth of material every day or two, an exciting observation of itself.  It was however the following quote that got me thinking.

"Entirely too much of that dragon magazine's worth of material is equivalent to forum letters, rather than articles. I am fairly frustrated during my daily blog roll review at the amount of posts that are nothing more than opinion pieces on "what OSR means" and the absurd "OSR is dead" other rubbish". -C from Hack & Slash

It was then that I thought surely there WAS a Dragon Magazine's worth of content out there, it just needed to be collected in an edited form, and specifically in the form of an RPG magazine index that linked to each of the individual articles. 

That is what The Wyrm is. If you have any recommendations about specific articles or general content that you think should be covered please leave a comment for consideration. I plan to create an index for the "magazine" once a month. Look forward to the March 2011 "issue" in the coming week.