Friday, May 6, 2011

Issue 2 - April 2011

On You're (sic) Role-Playing Wrong by -C

• Games
  Skeletons and Starships - Mazes & Minotaurs and Stars Without Number reviewed by Joe Nelson

• Game Products
  TFT: The Land Beyond the Mountains review by A Paladin in Citadel

• Books
  Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea review by Matt Finch
  Hothouse review by James Maliszewski

Short Story
A Decision Must be Made
A Practical Arrangement
Midnight Snack
A Knock on the Door
Chapters by Dungeonmum - Inspired from "Decade of Darkness" Call of Cthulhu campaign she participates in.

Game Content
• Adventures
  Castle Bélial by Il Male™

• Monsters
  The Croucher by Studio Arkhein
  Ho-ru, the Black Lizardmen by Underworld Kingdoms
  Mermaid by Beedo

• Spells
  Conjure Undead by Wymarc

• Magic-Items
  Dragonsfoot Magic Item Library

• Rules
   Wavecrawl Kit by Zak Smith
   Quick and Dirty Disarm Rule by Michael Curtis

Clandestinauts 04-07-2011
Clandestinauts 04-14-2011
Clandestinauts 04-21-2011
Clandestinauts 04-28-2011
by Tim Sievert

Declaring Before Initiative? Maybe Not... by Cyclopeatron

April sadly didn't offer much in terms of  Magic Items so I linked to the list on Dragonsfoot to hopefully inspire more item creation. My personal opinion was that the A-Z blog challenge made April 2011 a wasteland of content but overall I think that there were some good posts published. Enjoy. S.H.

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